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Troubleshoot Tracks Continuously Skipping

Troubleshoot Tracks Continuously Skipping

Good moorning

I recently restarted my laptop which runs Windows 8, HP Zbook


I attempted to open the spotify application which was successful

I clicked the radio link, (all playlists are populating radio and created)

Accessed recent station played, station opens and the songs are continuously skipping ever 1-2 seconds as if I'm holding the skip track button down continuously

I first logged out, then logged back in which did nothing

I then uninstalled the program and installed it, this did nothing

The application is working on all of my mobile devices flawlessky so I am assuming that there was a Windows update or plugin that isn't allowing the script to run

I believe that my quicktime is uptodate, but didn't see what version I needed,

I just need some infromation about the software so that I can check my drivers, and versions.


I cannot screenshot the cascading songs obviously, but it is important to note that Spotify is also letting me know that the tracks are not available on my computer for certain playlists, but they will play on my mobile devices.


I am assuming this is a driver or PC config issue, please point me in the right direction,



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I attached a pic of the error message



I too am having this issue and can not find a solution besides going back to iTunes


I'm running Windows 8.1, all latest updates.

I have a Pioneer DDJ-SX sound card that I use to send 1/4" TRS line audio to my studio monitors

I have always used Spotify with this sound card before getting a new computer with Windows 8.1 installed (previously used Win 7)


Here's what I've tried...


1) installing and reinstalling spotify

2) changing the default sound card to the native sound driver from the pioneer one (this works, if I want to use my laptop speakers, but I don't)

3) updated Pioneer driver to the latest release

4) restarting the computer several times before and after doing anything

5) checking and unchecking hardware acceleration box and restarting before and after each of those attempts


Can't get Spotify to send the audio to this USB Pioneer DDJ-SX sound card so I can use it as a playback device for my studio monitors




thought i was the only one.

i had a trojan downloader that i believe infected spotify and had persisted to cause this problem. But after cleaning and getting rid of it, redownloading spotify nothing has seemed to work all my drivers are up to date. it just cycles as quickly as it can through the song lists. i thought it could have been a firewall issue since i had to reset a few things, allowed spotify to have access through the firewall. problem still persists


I am also having these problems. wish it would work. 

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