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Ugly bug: iOS Spotify lets you ban daily mix songs, PC Spotify does not

Ugly bug: iOS Spotify lets you ban daily mix songs, PC Spotify does not

On iphone it is possible to ban daily mix songs, but on PC the ban button is missing. There's no reason for that other than a bug. This is for a premium subscription on the newest version of iOS / the spotify app and Windows 10 / the spotify program as of the end of 2019.


Spotify support confirmed the issue and said it is clearly a software bug, but unless upvoted enough they wouldn't bother looking into it. Kind of a heinous way to run a company I think. Anyhow, given that I don't run spotify, please upvote this post so the bug can be fixed. See the attached picture to see the bug in action.


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Ugly Spotify Bug.png
2 Replies

yes, exactly this. I can block the song from my phone (in my case Android, so it's a general bug of the Windows app), but the Windows App is missing the button. And when blocking a song on my phone while listening on my PC, the App also should just skip the track like in the mobile app and not continue playing that song


Plus, it's clearly not just a bug contained to the Windows app. Sometimes when playing in the app the option also disappears on my phone which also should not happen

Same issue here and realy got the feeling it messes up my daily mix lists.


Off topic: compliments to your musical taste efbrazil as I see on your screenshot 😉

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