Unable to install app - unable to sort playlists


Unable to install app - unable to sort playlists

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I am unable to sort the tracks in my playlist. I followed the Help and Community instructions but whe nI click on a heading nothing happens and when I try to click and drag a track I get a circle with a line through it.  A community post from 2012 indicated that tracks can only be sorted through the download app (I have been using the web version) - but when I attempt to download the app I get either and error 53 or an Error 17 depending on whether I use the installer from the download site or a different installer that was posted in the community.  I also followed community instructions to "cut" the spotify folder from the User->AppData->Roaming location and paste it into the Users folder - but the folder is EMPTY - so there is no executible file and no way to complete the install or use the app.  PLEASE HELP.  This is like the 4th time I have posted and I get zero response.  The entire reason I signed up for premium was so that I could sort my playlist tracks and then not Shuffle Play them from my phone.

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Re: Unable to install app - unable to sort playlists

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Hey @epohlabel,


I'm sorry to hear about your problem. 


Try using this method you did with just the regular Spotify installer first. If that fails, then you will need to download the full application.


You can check here for the full installation:


Offline installer: http://download.spotify.com/SpotifyFullSetup.exe


Download the full installation and then run that from your download location. The full installation will load in the same default locations as when running the online installer. Once you have downloaded the full setup application, just follow the instructions bellow.


1) Run the installer normally. The install will fail with the 'Error Code 53' - That's alright.

2) Click START and, in the search bar, type 'show hidden files'.

3) In the results, click on 'Show hidden files and folders' - This will open a  window. Verify that the 'Show hidden files' option is selected.

4) Navigate to:C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming and locate the newly created Spotify folder.

5) Right click the Spotify Folder and select the 'Cut' option.

6) Back out to C:\Users\<USERNAME> and paste the Spotify folder there.

7) Open the Spotify folder and locate the 'Spotify Launcher'. 


You can launch Spotify from this location and it works fine. You may return to this location to start the app, or right click the Spotify Launcher --> Send to --> Desktop and create a desktop shortcut.


Let me know if this helps!





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