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Unsolved Issue since 2017: Spotify Still Freeze My PC Completely

Unsolved Issue since 2017: Spotify Still Freeze My PC Completely

I'm a Spotify premium user since this streaming service first-day launch in Indonesia.


Before I use Windows 10 as my PC's OS, Spotify works well in my Linux (Elementary OS) system. But, since I switched to Windows 10, whenever I launched this Windows App version, Spotify always freeze my PC around 10 secs later, even though I didn't open any other application at all. The same thing also happened in Windows Program version. I already unticked Hardware Acceleration option on the settings, did clean uninstall then reinstall the app, make Spotify didn't run at startup, run the app with administrator rights, limit the offline download to just 1000 songs, checking Spotify Community and out-site forum, but no one of these solutions get me rid of this problem completely.


Yes, I'm a bit angry because I thought this problem was happened since Windows 10 Creators Update and (still) never be solved by Spotify's developer. And I don't know why there's no personal assistance from Spotify's crew or --at least, their representative presences in this forum. I a bit worry if someday --because my willingness to still uses Spotify as my default and only music + podcast streaming service with a premium subscription, Spotify app will break my PC (mainly hardware) completely.


Can anybody suggest me a new solution to solve this (unsolved by Spotify's team) issue? I'm totally **bleep**.

2 Replies

You can use spotify web player to listen music on pc, the sound quality is simmilar and it doesn't take space.

Nice suggestion but still doesn't solve the main problem.

As an explorer, sometimes I do traveling to rural areas located outside cellular connectivity coverage. Moreover, mobile data is metered connection can blast your bills at the end of the month.




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