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Since the last "updates of Spotify" things have changed a lot. Cool graphics, playlists, cool way of seeing the album animated picture (on phone)

...but the customisation, the personalization of everyone owns music is far worse. Two main (and not only) points:

  •  In the previous versions you could have among "Your artists" not only the ones you follow, but also the ones of whom you had even just 1 song saved. This way it was possible to maybe listen to more of their songs, like them and THEN start following them


  •  earlier, if you clicked on the artist (of your library) it first showed the songs of the artist you had there, saved. Now it directly goes to the artist general page. And the songs that you have saved are only visible in the long list of all my saved songs. Why? Can't I listen to the saved songs that of a particular artist? Is it necessary to create a playlist for each artist?
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I also am having the same gripes you're having. Mine is slightly different. The albums section now displays all of the songs in the album even if you've only saved one song from it. This means I can't shuffle from my saved selection of an album without creating a playlist. Thanks for posting.

Yes, same problem with playlists. As said, I described 2, but there are
more problems

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