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Use local album art instead of the one on Spotify

Use local album art instead of the one on Spotify

Ok, I've got locals file which I want to put on spotify and use the album art I put on them instead of grabbing the one on spotify. It works with some tracks but the rest don't seem to work.

I think the problem is that spotify changes the album I've got for some of the mp3tags of the local files which then forces spotify to grabs the album art associated with that album.


I've also noticed that If it doesn't change the album i've put on the local tracks and that album is on spotify it grab the one on spotify instead of the local one. but if it doesn't change the album and that album isn't on spotify it will grab the local album art I've got.


Also, if the track isn't even on Spotify other then my local files, their is no problem because it doesn't have any album or album art to reference.



(Doesn't work)

For instant I've got Rameses B - Darkest Place (feat. Aloma Steele) on itunes (as a local file) with the album Darkest Place and this album art but on spotify (with in the local files tab) it's got a different album and album art (which is the album art assocaited with that album).



so here TwoThirds - Breathe has the same album and album art on iTunes as it doesn on Spotify as and hasn't changed any of the mp3tags.

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