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Viewing Playlist That I'm Currently Playing

Viewing Playlist That I'm Currently Playing

I use Spotify Desktop for Windows and apparently there is no feature to let me view what playlist I'm playing and go to it. On mobile, it shows as "playing from playlist: [Playlist Name]" but on desktop, it's impossible. I can't click "back" button to go to it if I, say, played the list from the web client, closed it and switched to web app, but a few songs in I decided to follow it. And I now can't access the playlist link for one reason or another. In this scenario, queue and history don't work either since they only list the songs played.


This scenario is pretty specific but I think this feature should be added to the desktop app, even if we can't click "go to playlist" at least we should be able to view the title of the list. It would go a long way for many users. (And it seems like a feature easy to add as my friends can see I'm listening to a specific playlist while I can't.)

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Hey @Gokulex59!


Thanks for reaching out to the community, we'll do our best to help you out 🙂


Spotify already has this feature, and it's quite easy to use. To go back to the playlist you're currently playing from, just click the album art of the song that's currently playing. You'll see the picture on the bottom left of the app, right above the album and artist names.


Try it out and let us know how it goes.

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I've been using Spotify for some years now and I've always thought it lacked this feature. 


It's great to know about it and I love that is very easy to access, but it DOES seem counterintuitive to click on an album picture and be redirected to the playlist playing and not that album instead.

For me, the easiest (and probably the only) way I can find that out on Spotify Desktop is to look for a green highlighter to the left and the little speaker icon to the right of your playlist name.


You might have to resize your playlist pane to be able to see that.


That was the thing I've been doing till I read moderator's answer on this thread. A little bothersome if you have lots of playlist. And it does not work if you're listening a playlist inside a collapsed folder or a special playlist, ie.: Daily Mix1, 2, ... (in the daily mix example you only see the left list a link to all your different daily mixes.


I'm ok with the moderator's answer, it just that I think is counterintuitive (bad UX) for a newcomer to click artwork's album and be redirected to playlist instead of the original album.


Thank you anyway.

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