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WORKAROUND FOUND: Mouse Back Button Shortcut Not Working


WORKAROUND FOUND: Mouse Back Button Shortcut Not Working

In previous versions, you were able to use the back and forward buttons on your mouse to go back and forth between pages, just like on an internet browser. Recent Spotify update broke this.


If you have a mouse that can set customized key strokes for specific apps then set up a custom key stroke like this for the Spotify desktop app.


Back button: Alt + Left Arrow (or, “Ctrl + [“ )

Forward button: Alt + Right Arrow (or, “Ctrl + ]” )


Edit: another user found that if you hover your mouse in the top of the screen, the back button on the mouse may work. 




Accepted Solutions
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you can use ctrl + [ and ctrl + ] , they are the default keyboard shourtcuts

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Hey @vinniechu87,


Thanks for providing that workaround.


Just FYI - we're aware of this issue and we're currently looking into it.


We'll make sure to keep you posted in this thread and let you know as soon as we have an update.


Thanks again!

Marked as solution

you can use ctrl + [ and ctrl + ] , they are the default keyboard shourtcuts

Thanks, works like a charm!

Thanks for the workaround above it does the job!

Still, would still be interesting in finding a fix for my mouse - creature of habit >.<


i experience the same problem and keyboard shortcuts doesn't work either, maybe because i use a non-english keyboard i dunno


but i want my mouse buttons back 😞

Having the same issue since like 2 weeks, just found out the mousebuttons work if you move your mouse to the top of the screen

**bleep** it really works, thank you!

Wow davidfame's solution actually works. Devs pay attention to this one!

Moving the cursor to the top actually works.


Waiting for the fix dear devs though. 🙂

Thanks! It is better than alt + ←    until they fix it.

Good catch, I was getting really annoyed and I feared it was an intended change (back and forth mouse button actually marks songs in playlists like if you were CTRL-clicking them), but at least going all the way to the top in the desktop app still lets me go back and forth with the mouse buttons.

Fantastic quick fix. Spotify really needs to fix this soon.


The workarounds posed here are not fixes — they are workarounds for a problem that still persists and still needs solving


Devs should still pay attention to this.

<p>This is an embarrassing bug as several updates have been distributed since this initial fault yet none of them have fixed such an extremely simple issue to fix, I hope that this issue is fixed soon as a workaround is not justifiable for a legacy feature.


As user Koaieus said before me this issue should not be marked as solved as the issue has NOT been solved. </p>

Issue is still UNSOLVED for mouse shortcuts, this topic should be marked properly.

Someone has come up with KIND of a solution in one of the earlier works for me to this day.
Basically the mouse buttons DO work but unlike before (or in a browser per say) you can't click anywhere on the screen it has to be on the header and BOOM - back in business 🙂

Such partial “solutions” like «it works but only in the header» are exactly
why this is NOT solved and still needs to be fixed.

with all due respect sir - that's called nit picking... CLEARLY it's not a simple fix - however some members of the community have provided a partial solution.... sadly you lack the curtsy to even say as much as a "thanks".

Don't reply to this - i have 0 time for rude individuals

As you mentioned the issue clearly has not been fixed. So be passive-aggressive all you want but the fact remains that when it comes to devs needing to look into this and solve this presumably rather simple bug, the case is NOT SOLVED. That is what matters first and foremost.

Devs may use the partial solution to help localize the problem, after all it IS still a problem.


Final note: do not start a disrespectful piece of bickering with "with all due respect" as you're not going to show any respect. Get your sh*t together bro and stop whining. Realize that partial solutions are part of the problem iff they lead to cases being marked as "solved" before it's really solved.

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