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Waking up PS4 using Spotify on Windows 10

Waking up PS4 using Spotify on Windows 10



I am using a PS4 connected to my audio system to listen to Spotify. If the PS4 is in sleep mode I am able to open the Spotify on iOS and click "Listen on my PS4" to wake the PS4 and start playing automatically. However, when trying to connect to my sleeping PS4 from the Spotify Windows app, the PS4 is grayed out with a "The device is sleeping" message.


Is there a way to wake my PS4 using the Spotify on Windows? I have opened the Spotify app on PS4 and added both my computer and iPhone to devices that are allowed to wake my PS4, but it only seems to be working from iOS.




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I might have posted this in the wrong section as it may be more of a PS4 problem (though the PS4 software and iOS seems to be working). Feel free to move/close this topic if that is the case.

One last attempt at a bump before I make a support ticket instead.

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