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Web Link don't open Desktop Version

Web Link don't open Desktop Version






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Since one-two weeks when I click on a Spotify Link on the web (e.g. embedded  songs on websites), it doesnt play on Desktop Version anymore. Every time I need to log-in, turn to open.spotify and only then Desktop version connects to the track/playlist.
Thanks for the help.

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Hey @ZQR, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We can verify that's an expected behavior. Keep in mind that if you click on an embedded link, it will send you to the webplayer and ask you to log in. 


If you have the application in your PC, it will recognize it and will be activated too. However, the embedded link won't send you directly to the app.


Hopefully this will clear your doubts 🙂

Hi @Aimee_T thank you for your kind reply,

what I can't understand is that until one month ago everytime I clicked on an embedded link it automatically played the song on my PC program (not app), and now it doesn't anymore.


I don't know if something changed (maybe due to updates), or if I changed some settings  inadvertently.


Thanks again

This is happening to me too. Desktop doesn't open or play when I click on links.  It use to no problem. All of a sudden it's making me log in on the web and plays it on the web and that's it.

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