Web Player Bugs/Layout


Web Player Bugs/Layout


This is a genereal review and opinion on the new web player after its update. 

It is full of bugs if it has not already been noticed. Artist, Albums, Playlists, and Songs are 90% unviewable. I have my Spotify account full of music yet only about 10 artists show up, a few playlsits, and random songs with hardly any complete albums appear and recently played music doesn't update. When I search for an artist half the time it comes up blank or with albums unclickable. 


To be honest, I believe this update killed the web player. It understand trying to make it modern, streamlined and "easy-to-use" but it's not. To me it looks, cartoonish, everything is HUGE, and it is not near as streamlined as it used to be. Navigating from "your music" to artist pages and playlists takes more time and isn't as smooth as it used to be. 


I believe improvements on the previous web player would have been the best option Spotify could have done. 


Review over. Like it, upvote it, comment. I want to hear other opinions as well.

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