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Web Player Not Working

Web Player Not Working

I currently use Spotify for free and I always use the Web Player but for the past week it hasn't been working. I've tried restarting my laptop many times, logging out, and even trying some of the things on the community page. When I go to click on a song it doesn't highlight or anything all I can do is make playlists and add songs to my favorites.

Please someone help me I've tried everything!!

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Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for reaching out 🙂


Could you list all the steps you've tried so far?


Also, could you either:


1. ask someone else to try logging in to the web player with their account on the same device, or
2. try logging in with your account either on the desktop app or on another device?






My step mom is using web player and it's working just fine for her, as well as my sister. But so far i've tried connecting my iPod to my laptop and other things like going into my settings and seeing if i have enough space on my laptop for it to work.

Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Are you mum and sister using the Web Player on the same computer as you? This is important for us to know because we want to establish whether there is a problem with your account. 


Could you check for us if you can access the web player on another PC on your account, again, for the same reason as above?


Much appreciated,



Well I made another account to see and it still didn't work.

Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for the update.


Could you try:

  • opening the Web Player in a different browser
  • opening it in an incognito window/tab within your browser?

Let us know if that changes anything 🙂


Okay so i tried using spotify on Firefox and it worked, but when i used it on an incognito tab on chrome it didnt work.

Hey @user-removed.


Have you checked out this post? It should provide a solution to your issue 🙂


Let us know if it does!


I tried it and it's still not working.

Hey @user-removed.


Sorry for the delay. 


If this is still happening, could you check if you're on the latest version of Google Chrome. 


If you are on the latest version, could you check out the steps at 


Let us know how you get on,


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