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Where people listen - won't load

Where people listen - won't load


When I click on "about" on an artist page, it will load the header and the bio, but the part below ('where people listen', and the 'discovered on' part) don't show up.


Cleared the cache, didn't solve the problem.

Set the rights for the Spotify folder to all for all users, didn't solve it either.

Uninstalling and re-installing does fix it, but only for a few hours.


The OS used is Windows 7.

Any suggestions on how to get access to that great info?



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Yes, it's with me too. Probably due to the new update.


Every new update, Spotify loses a feature.

Exactly! What have you done, Spotify? Where are playlist with chosen artists made by users? They were always in 'info' page and that was my way of finding best new music.

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