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Why does the new desktop update absolutely suck? So many features GONE.

Why does the new desktop update absolutely suck? So many features GONE.

Spotify updated about a week ago on my laptop, and it's absolute trash now. I can no longer edit playlist photos or descriptions. When I click on my profile, I can't view my account the way others do anymore. I can't change the order of playlists anymore. I can't filter/search for songs in a playlist either. I can't add local files anymore, and any existing ones in playlists don't play anymore. I can't adjust the size of the left and right columns either. Also, the heart icon beside songs is no longer there, so how am I supposed to know which songs are saved or not? And the friend activity tab doesn't show up anymore, even if the toggle under display settings in turned on. Is there a way to revert the version of spotify I have? If not, will I just have to wait until an update where they fix their mess?

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Agreed, this is terrible. I'm able to change the order of playlists, but it's incredibly inconvenient to do. Especially moving a song up in a playlist, because you can't drag it above the songs that are currently showing on the screen. You literally have to drag and drop it over and over and over and over to get it to the top of a playlist.


Also, playlists no longer show how many songs are in them. I will never understand why companies remove features and information like this for absolutely no reason.

Also the volume button is mostly chopped off if you resize the application window. Clearly there was very little effort put into QA testing of this new version.

Just wanted to chime in to agree - This is complete trash. I cant sort my playlists, its extremely slow to load playlists, it only loads part of longer playlists, which I then have to scroll aaaallllll the way to the bottom to play my latest songs. And if I want to listen to them in inverse order, I will need to do so manually now. Wonder if its time to try out Tidal...



for friends feed, i have to uninstall spotify and reinstall every time I start spotify.


I really dislike the new desktop version and I hope they change it to previous version yesterday.


I don't like not seeing when I added a song to playlist and unable to filter.


How the heck do I unfollow people?  I can't figure it out.


This downgrade is super annoying and not user friendly.


Any suggestion on how to unfollow people please let me know.









Hey everyone!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this in the Community!


We're sorry to hear you're unhappy with the recent changes we're currently testing on the desktop app. For now, the new test version is missing several features that used to be available on the desktop app.


We understand this is not ideal, so if you'd like to be able to switch between the test version and the old design, we suggest you add your +VOTE to this idea


There are also several ideas out there asking to bring back some of the lost features, such as the sorting option, local filesadding albums to the queue or the column showing the date a song was added to a playlist which you might want to consider up-voting to show your support - it's the best way to provide your feedback for new features such as this one.


Hope we were able to shed some light on the situation. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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completly agreed!

you are no help

Nobody here can help you. 

It is utterly ridiculous that you would use PAID users as test subjects without asking them first! Ever heard of opt-in? I am beyond frustrated with all the features that are now missing. e.g. How do I add a photo to a playlist? Where? What platform? How.

I'm a Premium Family subscriber and I'll be voting with my wallet soon if I am still stuck in this featureless **bleep**.

Welp, still better than spotify crashing every 2 min unless I get lucky after like 10 restarts of my pc.

You are wrong.. they test it thousands of paid users...

How about you stop "TESTING" versions on paid subscribers.. This is the worst Spotify can do!
Outrages! Right now i am on trial (thank god!) I've been using Itunes for a long time and after doing lots of research many of these options that are now missing are what sold spotify for me.. only to discover that they are missing now **bleep**....
And testing new features on your customers is so lame...
I like everything else in the old version.. my friend has it (still has that version in Switzerland) ...

this is just dumb!

Yeah seems like it's very buggy (doing it on purpose too via their servers). Seems to have started beginning of May since version 1.1.32 any desktop os version.
1. No "Appears on" for artist missing,
2. Local Files seems to keep loading your local files even when you turn it off (even windows tries to block it with controlled folder access because of how it tries to touch your files every time it boots up since it's acting like ransomware).
3. Album Sort feature broken and page loads so slow that and uses tons of CPU.
4. Profile photos can not be added anymore.
5. Playlist photos can't be added anymore.

6. High CPU Usage since 1.1.32 to 1.1.34.

Affected since 1.1.32 to 1.1.34 Windows 10 Store so far nothing fixed. Seems like the Web player is way better and the ios app works better too. Desktop seems like it's acting like buggy virus. Uninstalling, reboot and then reinstall windows 10 store version does nothing even though support says to do that all the time. Total Trash.

Where can I find the current playlist?

I've got the same problem. I asked my friends but they don't have this problem.If it's not common and random ,no one can do that without my permission, are you kidding me?

Are you a PC user and want to switch back to the old version of Spotify? Here's how. Some folks have already shared the info in this thread already and a huge thank you to them. I'm just adding a visual guide on how to find the file and how things should look.

1. Make sure you have a text editor (Highly recommend using Notepad++ for something like this, Windows notepad might add extra invisible characters)

2. Make sure you can see hidden files

3. Go to C:\Users\WHATEVER IT IS ON YOUR COMPUTER\AppData\Roaming\Spotify

4. Look for a file called quite simply "prefs". Might be a good idea to save a copy of this file in another folder in case something goes wrong

5. The file doesn't have an extension, so you will have to tell Windows what software you want to use to open it. Right click, choose "Open with" and then point to your text editor to open it

6. Copy paste the following row to the bottom and save:


7. Start up Spotify and you should now have the old version

8. Enjoy!

9. If you want to thank me for this guide, help me get my volume suggestion upvoted IF you agree with it!


Thank me later

Agreed; I cancelled premium until they revert the update or I'll just switch to Pandora

this is the right way. Once users start unsubscribing their subscribers will start treating us the way they must. I have been a premium subscriber at Spotify for 3 years and until the last four months I have enjoyed it. But since then developers are destroying the app more and more. An epidemic of changes and updates, literally. And after so much time and so many playlists I created there, in the next update I will not like I will throw the app along with the premium to **bleep**

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