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Why is this greyed out?

Why is this greyed out?

Now, I know that greyed out songs aren't available in my country (IT), but I read on a different thread that it was possible to know why certain songs are unavailable and I was curious to know as to why this particular song isn't available.


I'm talking about St. Patrick (Angelus) by Ronan Hardiman.

It's not a new song, so I just didn't jump to the licensing conclusion right away.

Can I still have hope or is it a closed case? And if so, why?

Thanks 🙂

1 Reply

Hi! 🙂


This song could be greyed out due to licensing changes or due to artist/record label wanting so. Spotify can't do much themselves.
It's generally suggested to get in contact with the artist/record label as they may give better information on it. 🙂



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