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Window management on Windows is not idiomatic

Window management on Windows is not idiomatic

Windows users have access to a number of idiomatic shortcuts for windows management: WindowsKey+UpArrow for Maximize, WKey+LeftArrow or +RightArrow for dock to screen edge, drag menubar to top of screen for maximize. Advanced windows users make a lot of use of these shortcuts for managing window placement.


Spotify for Windows completely ignores all of these idioms, and it makes using Spotify on Windows a lot less enjoyable and intuitive for Windows users. You folks should pay a little attention to the desktop idioms of the platforms you support, because when you fdon't you;re not really suppporting the platform.

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Spotify has never followed the normal window behaviour on Windows. 

If you would like to see it added, add your kudos to the ideas topic above 😉 



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