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Windows 10 Desktop Player randomly stops playing music

Windows 10 Desktop Player randomly stops playing music

I've had spotify desktop version for over a year now. I have a premium account and have "downloaded" some of my playlists on both my phone and laptop.

Starting today, the desktop version randomly stopped in the middle of a song and just wouldn't play music anymore. If I attempted to play different songs, either the message "can't play the current song" will pop up on top of the screen or the green music bar will start running but in silence. 

I know the problem isn't related to any of my wifi connections or my account, because I immediately tested my spotify android app and it worked perfectly. 

I tried reinstalling spotify and re-downloading playlists - it worked fine for a few songs until it randomly stopped again. 


Anyone else experiencing this problem? 

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Similar problems constantly. Loses connection with web player every day, someetimes more than once, and yes, the net connection is ok.

I've got a similar problem. The Spotify desktop player sometimes stop playing when I enter the Windows 10 Settings app or when I open an pinned Excel file from the Quick Access list (Office 2016/365)

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