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Windows 10 Program glitches and speed issues

Windows 10 Program glitches and speed issues




 United States of America


Digital Storm Vanquish Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10 Home (64 bit)


My Question or Issue

 When will the current Spotify PC program be gutted and rebuilt cohesively?
I have experienced numerous glitches and performance issues with the Windows 10 PC Spotify application. Off the top of my head, there is the fact the close/minimize/resize buttons place themselves in the center of the screen detatched from the program itself every time it starts (until you decide to drag the program to get it to resize), the fact it takes almost a minute to boot up and pull everything up, the fact sometimes songs don't appear and you have to mess around with it to get it to, the fact it can be extremely unresponsive, and more.
If I had to describe the program's ability to perform, it feels like a car that was built from a junkyard of used cars. It's a mess of patchwork that runs, but you fear for your life every moment you drive it.
The application needs a full makeover so that it can start and run smoother and faster. Perhaps it can be done in which it is compatable with the Android, MAC, and iOS programs too as I've heard people have been requesting.

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Only 1 minute? Wow, you're lucky.


Mine takes 15-20 minutes to start IF I delete the cache before I start it.


If I don't delete the cache first, it takes at least 45 minutes to load and become responsive enough to:


1. play audio without skipping for 30 seconds or just plain stopping forever

2. load any pages in the UI ("Browse", or any playlist, for instances)



I've been dealing with this for over 5 years now. Spotify. Does. Not. Care.


Prove me wrong.... Spotify....

Oh and btw, I don't have ANY local files being used in it. "Downloads" is the only thing there, which itself is disabled, as well as the "Local Files" itself also being disabled. I also don't have any music (or any files at all) in "My Downloads" user folder.

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