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Windows 10 & tri-monitors

Windows 10 & tri-monitors






HP elite book with 2 extra monitors

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windows 10


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Okay - so when I am at work, I use a windows 10 laptop, w/ 3 monitors (the one in the laptop + 2 externals). Whenever I use the webplayer, all my moniters shut off completely but my laptp monitor. It appears that the monitors have been unplugged from my laptop and go into sleep mode as long as I have interacted with the spotify's webplayer. The moment I close, or pause spotify, my monitors turn back on as if nothing has happened. It does not matter what screen the player is on, it does not matter if it is chrome or firefox, and it only ever happens with spotify. I have done all my updates, I have tried incognito, and I cannot download spotify to this computer. All I want to do is listen to music and be able to work at the same time, but this monitor issue is becoming a real problem. I restart my computer and do updates regularly.


What do I do next?


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Hey @user-removed welcome to the Spotify Community 🙂


Can you try these steps and see if it works ?

Step 1: Open web player
Step 2: Right click,Inspect
Step 3: Click 'network'
Step 4:Press F5
Step 5: Press CTRL+F and type
Step 6: Right click and click clear cache. Right click again and click clear cookies


Please let me know it the problems still exists after this. Have a nice day 🙂

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