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Friend activity not updating unless I close and reopen

Friend activity not updating unless I close and reopen

Over the past month or 2 I've noticed that my friend activity feed doesn't update unless I'll toggle it off/on from settings.  This morning when I brought it up on my laptop, it showed my most recent friend had listened to something 1d ago.  When I toggled it off and then back on, it updated to show that same person was currently listening to something.  I've reinstalled twice now but it's still doing it.  I'm using Windows 10 and downloaded from the app store.  The issue was happening even when I download from the website.

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Hello @Stevvvvvvve and welcome to the Spotify Community 🙂


This same issue is reported by some other users as well and it seems it is under investigation by Spotify. You can check it here and vote for it to draw more attention to it. Hope this gets fixed soon.


Take care ^^

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