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Windows 7 Blue Screen When Song Ends

Windows 7 Blue Screen When Song Ends






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Spotify causes my computer to crash with a BSOD at the end of a song. This problem is intermittent, but when it occurs, it will continue to occur. As far as I can tell, it occurs only at the end of a song. It has happened for multiple different songs. The cause is 100% Spotify. Whenever I have a blue screen, I have Spotify open. On top of that, when I restart my computer, start Spotify, and then play the song that was just playing, the song will play in full and then my computer will crash. Usually I have to switch to using the web player when this happens. If I restart my computer after a BSOD, but do not open Spotify, I have no performance issues. No other applications cause my computer to crash this way.

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Hey there @prb1222,

thanks for posting !


Have you ever tried to completely uninstall and reinstall a fresh copy of the app to see if it helps ?

I have not tried doing that, no. The version of spotify I have installed is


I didn't mean to orphan this post my bad. I came back to this because Spotify caused my computer to BSOD in a way that affected long-running apps on my computer. It's incredibly frustrating. 


This time, I had my computer open for a while, everything running smoothly. I wanted to play music, so I opened the Spotify desktop app. It opened fine, but then I noticed I had spotify open on my phone, and it was playing music there. I went to go switch the output device on Spotify and the instant I clicked "This Computer" my computer crashed to a BSOD.


I have uninstalled Spotify, and I'm gonna reinstall it, but I wanted to post again because I got bit by the same stupid bug again.

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