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Windows Desktop Player - Hangs on Startup and Not Starting

Windows Desktop Player - Hangs on Startup and Not Starting

Hi - over the past weeks (since recent desktop player updates) I've been having problems where the Spotify Windows hangs on startup and will not start. I've tried the solutions suggested elsewhere but the problem just returns after a short time.


I completely uninstall the desktop app and delete the folder /users/username/appdata/roaming/spotify . I then carry out a clean install of the app. Having done this all works ok but after a day once I've shut the program down and tried to restart it I'm back with the problem again. The desktop player justs hangs on startup with a circle of dots in the centre of screen.


Would welcome guidance on fixing this problem. It's annoying at present I can only use the web player.





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Hey Martini,

I'm from Germany and I'm having the same problem! Thought it would be my fault, but everything I tried didn't work. Maybe there was an update that causes the problem?

Hi - thanks for your message. No, I don't think it is an update. Even when I do a complete delete/uninstall it still fails after a short time. Today I tried starting up Spotify Desktop it autoupdated and now won't run. I'll go through the same process of uninstalling/deleting and then reinstalling. I'm guessing it will run again and then fail after a short time as it has done over the past few weeks. At present the Windows 10 Desktop version of Spotify is unusable. I've been a long time Spotify subscriber but I think it's time to look elsewhere.


It's a pity no one from Spotify is prepared to comment on, or acknowledge this problem.

There is something wrong with user folder. When I've removed it, my desktop Spotify start  working normal. Before I had blank screen. 

Hi @Robert_70,
thank you for your reply. What do you exactly mean? Which folder did you
Thank you very much 🙂

In /users/username/appdata/roaming/spotify  you have folder Users. I've deleted this folder and since that moment Spotify works like a charm 🙂 Of course, spotify recreates folder Users, but in my opinion there is something wrong with one of the files  inside and that is the reason of freezing  the application. 

I've done this repeated times. Each time you do  you need to completely reinstall the Spotify application. Once complete Spotify works fine for a few days and then the problem returns. If you leave the program with the 'circle of dots' running it will evenutally start after about 10 minutes. A few days later and it won't start at all. You then have to uninstall and resintall completely to get the application working again. I don't understand why Spotify make this so difficult. It is a very basic problem they should be able to fix. This problem has been running for months now.

Exact same problem, exact same temporarily working solutions... with an additional trouble : the player usually crashes the OS (Windows 10) when the loading is done. The problem is there since several months now, with no visible answer or official fix...


Side note : strangely, I had the same crashing problem with chrome several months ago (crashing the OS when starting), but one chrome update apparently solved it. Hint ?

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