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Windows Desktop app loads very slowly

Windows Desktop app loads very slowly







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Windows 8


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Every time I open the Spotify Premium desktop app, the Spotify window opens with the top and left bars, but no content, just a black empty space where music options should be. Eventually it will load in, after 3-5 minutes or so. Why does it take so long? On Android it takes seconds, but on a PC it's minutes? This has been a chronic issue with Spotify!

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Hey there @espickard,

thanks for posting !


If you Spotify works good on other devices we have to address a PC related issue and not an account one.


Please use this help page in order to manage storage and clear your cache.

On top of that, please have your Spotify app reinstalled.


If both didn't help, please try the app on a different netwrok to see if there's any change or install this Spotify Microsoft version.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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