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Windows Desktop client failed to update playlist

Windows Desktop client failed to update playlist

I tried to contact Spotify support first. And they reply me with some options, I tried them all, and none of them works. I reply them again. Seriously, no reply in 48hours! This is how Spotify treat your customers?


My Windows 7 desktop client can't update playlist, but ios/web player are fine. My network connection is ok, and I already tried to logout/login and reinstall, uncheck hardware accelerate, doing a uninstall/reinstall. Still, playlist refuse to update. Anyone have the same issue here?

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Hello and welcome:


How many tracks are in the playlist? Also some users have had results by taking all the tracks in a playlist with issues and drag and dropping them to a newly created playlist and see if the behaviour goes away and is fixed.

About 300+ songs, the problem is Windows client not able to add songs. I'm not sure this is the same issue here.

I tried to drag songs to new created playlist, and it's not working.

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