Windows Spotify Quality decreases minimized or in background

Windows Spotify Quality decreases minimized or in background

Hi all,


I'm experiencing a drop in sound quality when the Spotify window is not the one I am actively using--that is, if it is minimized or if I am working in another window (Windows 10, plenty of resources available on task mgr).  I tried to disable hardware acceleration and this was not the problem.  I still get acceptable sound quality (premium user) but when I have that window active, the quality is much higher.  If I change to another window, I can hear the sound quality decrease.  This is happening fo songs I have downloaded, so I don't think it's a streaming problem.  I wasn't able to find another discussion about this so if anyone has a fix or explanation that would be great!

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Hey @2rtmar


This is likely caused by one of the following audio settings:


The audio enhancements:

1. Go to Taskbar, find and click on the speaker icon. Click the speaker/device icon again on the volume slider popup.

2. Go to Sound Enhancement tab and disable them.

3. If there are additional tabs like Dolby or similar, try disabling these too.

The Communications setting:

1. Find the speaker icon on Taskbar again. Right-click on it and select Sounds.

2. In the opened window go to COmmunications and set Windows to do nothing.

You may have some audio-related software installed as well, so try searching for some extra sound 'control panels' in your program files or Settings. 🙂


Let me know how it goes!

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Hey I have this exact issue but on my MIUI phone (android), is there a fix for that?

Hey @ShubyDi,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out!


Do you use any sound enhancements on your phone? If yes, then try disabling all of them to see if that makes a difference. You should be able to do that in your Phone's settings.


Make also sure that Spotify can run in the background and is unaffected by any battery and performance optimizations as they can influence the app's behavior.


Let us know how it goes. Cheers!

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