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Windows XP


Windows XP

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I have an old PC with Windows XP on it. The version of Spotify it has is still


Lately I've noticed that when I'm playing or displaying a playlist, it immediately switches to the Browse page. Is there a way to fix this via any settings?


My plan is to upgrade it to the last working version of Spotify for Windows XP 32-bit but I don't know which version and where are the installers archived (if any).


Please help.

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Re: Windows XP


I believe your version of Windows is no longer supported.


The best way to continue using Spotify on your old PC would be via the web player.

Re: Windows XP

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I don't seem to have that problem. Can't you go back to playlist view by clicking on the currently playing song at the lower left of screen, just above the player controls?


My problem is, using Windows XP and the same version of Spotify, that the album artwork does not show for the currently playing song. It only shows when I click on the album title in the playlist view. I'd rather it update after each new song starts playing.


Also I don't have an option to play Spotify in a browser, as they are not supported by Spotify either.

Re: Windows XP

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You can get the latest Firefox for Windows XP, it is called Mypal. Maybe Spotify works in that.

Re: Windows XP


nope, fb works on Mypal, but Spotify still doesn't(

Re: Windows XP


Hi @wxad,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Windows XP is not a supported platform any longer and we can't guarantee that everything will be running as it should in older versions of the App.


We'd recommend using the Web player instead, as it should offer the full functionality.


Hope you find this info useful. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.

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