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Windows and Mac Queue problem

Windows and Mac Queue problem







Windows and Mac

Operating System

Windows 10 unknown iOS


My Question or Issue


So a bit of background information. I am working in an office and we have a shared spotify account so that we can queue music up throughout the day as we feel necessary. The main problem with that is that the speakers are connected to an Apple TV and the only thing that can connect to those are Macs. When the office transitioned to Windows due to software reasons. We kept a few that allowed us to continue to stream music. This has been working just fine for the past 2 years, but the person responsible for a Mac left. So the new user logged in downloaded spotify and began playin for the office. This is where I need your help. It allows other Mac's to add songs to queue, but no PC versions of spotify can Add Songs to Queue.


The windows computers can still play music and control volume and everything else, but they can't add to queue. I can still make playlists and remove songs from playlists. The only thing I can't seem to do is add songs to the queue. I tested the remaining Mac's and they can add to the queue, which makes it a windows issue. Things that I have tried without any progress: restarting spotify, logging out and back in, shutting down the entire PC, clean install of spotify. It all still results in the same issue of not being able to add to the queue, which is really annoying. 


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This is acutally a recent technical issue, there is apparently a resolution in place --


 EDIT: Appears the resolution isn't working.

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