Won't fullscreen properly


Won't fullscreen properly


So there is this problem that has been annoying me for ages.

My screen setup is made so that I have 2 portrait mode screens with 1 landscape screen in the middle.


If Spotify starts up fullscreen on the portrait mode screen, it will not go fullscreen properly on the landscape screen, it just cuts off the side (to the width of the portrait screen). Vice versa for the landscape screen. 



It is just the actual display/rendering that doesn't show, the UI still completely works, for e.g. I can click on some space where there is no UI and still select a playlist or skip a song, etc. 


However if spotify it not started up in fullscreen and is only windowed then it will go fullscreen on any type of monitor.



Windows 10 Pro 64 bit - OS Build: 15063.540

AMD Athlon x4 860k

GTX 750ti 

Spotify started on a portrait monitor and moved to a landscape monitor

Spotify started fullscreen on a landscape monitor then moved to a portrait oneSpotify started on the landscape monitor then moved to the portrait one

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