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Won't load on web player or desktop

Won't load on web player or desktop

I am having trouble with Spotify, it started today... First of it would play a song and then just stop.. for no reason. I would Quit or Exit out of Spotify and it would work for alittle while again.. NOW it wont load, I cannot play any songs.. the discover and the browse and the radio say ERROR FAILED TO LOAD! What do I do? I need someone to help me figure out how to make Spotify work again. Does anyone know whats up with Spotify? like are they working on it or is there and update?



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You may want to log in using another computer to see if the problem is on your account or computer. In case your account works normal with a different computer, you should try a clean uninstall Spotify client and download the lastest version. The otherwise, you account still struggles with new computer, you can ask for help here: Spotify Contact Form.


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