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Won't scrobble to after the new update

Won't scrobble to after the new update

None of my plays are scrobbling to since the recent update. Is there any way this will be fixed soon, or a work-around in the meantime?

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Can confirm Last.FM scrobbling is broken on the following version


Spotify for Windows






Scrobbling is broken on You can downgrade, use web player or a mobile device instead - that's my workaround.

I was able to get just some scrobbles with that version (Spotify per Windows, but then it stopped and nothing works anymore.

Problem seems to worsening, before i was able to log in to Spotify with my phone and the device was normally detected and started to play what i'm listening on PC, but now nothing happens. PLEASE FIX ASAP

Right now the only way to make scrobbles is via phone, television, web player, anything but the desktop app. Fix this issue, it's extremely frustrating. I'm not happy to pay for something that doesn't work properly.

I just updated Spotify on one of my iPad and it won’t scrobble anymore to my last FM account. Please fix this as paying customers many like our statistics on last FM

 I just tried my other iPad that already a long time not updated. It won’t scrobble to last FM as well from Spotify there!! It all happened right after I updated Spotify last night on one of my iPad. Actually I can’t find anymore in Spotify how to connect to my Last FM. Do you erase that function? It is very important Last FM have a very good statistics 

Ah  it finally works. So you have to go to last FM website and connect again. Because now Spotify self won’t do any scrobbling for other Apps. So we have to make it from the side of last FM self.

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