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Wont recognize properties of specific local files

Wont recognize properties of specific local files

So I decided to add an album to Spotify through local files, Acid Rap by Chance. Only stuff went awry. When I added it, certain songs were missing properties. (see picture) They were missing album art, song title, and album name, but they still played fine. I initially assumed it was a bad download, and downloaded it from 3 other sources and got the same problem every time, slightly different songs were affected but it seems to come from the same general collection. Then I checked the properties of the songs to see if they were messed up, they are completely fine and work as expected in windows media player. So I tried removing and re-adding them several times. Sometimes I got more broken songs and sometimes I got fewer and one time it gave me the song names but still nothing else. I even tried a full restart of my PC and still nothing. I checked the rest of my 180 songs from local files, and there isn't a single song in any of them that is missing any information. Because of the way this is acting I am thinking this is a bug with Spotify but I really have no clue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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