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Wrapped 2018 Stats


Wrapped 2018 Stats

Hey guys,

I really loved Wrapped 2018 stats thing. I have almost closest stats. I've got minor different songs and artists but this isn't problem. I clicked the link on my laptop. I logged in. Then it showed me "how many different sogs and different artists" that I listened. And gone. PUFF! Different songs and artists stats screen lost. I tried to enter the site again. But never showed again that screen. How will I find that screen?


Thank you,

Sorry for my bed England


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Hope that helps

Thank you for your help. But there is no solution. I can enter the site and view my my stats, it is okay. But can't see "how many different song that I listened" info again. It was on the start screen, you know. I asked for that. You know what, I think it was unnecessary. Forget it, I'm done. Thank you again.

It's also in an email you receive from Spotify


It's doesn't work anymore... It's only redirecting me to the 2018 playlists. I wanted to get my statistics again with the sub-genres.


Real shame it's gone now 😞

I hope someone from Spotify will read my message and help get access to the statistics again.

I also went to look at some of the stats today and was disappointed they aren't there anymore.

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