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Having heard so much about Spotify, I yesterday created an account and downloaded the app.


To say that I was shocked would be a huge understatement. This app looks like something created in the darkest ages of .NET and WPF.


The menu you placed on the left is weird at best. One would expect that PaneDisplayMode is set to Auto and depending on available space Windows would set it to either LeftMinimal or LeftCompact when the window gets narrower. But nothing happens except that the pane becomes to narrow for the menu items and the items do not fit into the pane anymore.


At least one item in the content area of the grid does not resize at all.


The behaviour of the player on the bottom of the window is also strange. Some control elements get lost when the window becomes narrower instead of having them reflowed.


For years now, Windows offers all you need to create adaptive and response user interfaces that scale perfectly on all types of devices. Do you plan to replace this nightmare with a modern and up-to-date application? After all, Microsoft has created the FDS for good reason. Why reinvent the wheel? Especially if the reinvented wheel looks like something from a Monty Python movie.

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