app skips song «because they are not available»

app skips song «because they are not available»

Lets say i want to listen to Sgt Peppers album by The Beatles (thru the PC app/software)
It skips the first song, goes to the second (the blue notification bar appears saying the track is not available).
I press next, it skips ten songs saying the same. BUT If I play the music thru my phone, it wont skip a single song.
What is going on? (Premium account, regular android phone)
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Hey @imhappyhope!


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That's odd. Can you give us some more info about this issue? Let us know:


  • Does this happen when you switch the audio output?
  • Do you have local files?  
  • Can you let us know what Spotify version you're currently using?
If you're on WiFi, could you try rebooting the router for it? Then try logging out and back in.
Keep us posted.
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Well, it happens with multiple songs, specially with The beatles

The thing is, I can listen to it all on my phone (Huawei G Elite)

Then my phone  links to my Windows 7 PC, were it cannot be played for some reason.


When I am listening to something on my phone,  and my computer is on, it asks me if I want to listen thru my Pc. I do so. 
And it says "Song not available" 


If I search the song or album on my PC app it appears normally but can not be played. 


It is plain silly.


I am using  a Steinberg UR22 audio interface. but that is not the problem as  some other music is played thru the app with no issues. 

Ble bar say6ing This song is not availableBle bar say6ing This song is not available


found the solution here on the comunity byby


It seems the app was "confused" because I have the Beatle tracks but in a format i guess can not be played on Spotify (have stuff on aiff and flac)


I just deactivated the option of showing MY LOCAL FILES on spotify, now it works... 

But that is a 

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