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**bleep**ed up playback

**bleep**ed up playback

Okay, I'm sick and tired of this now, since a few weeks the playback in the Spotify desktop app is totally out of control. The app plays Songs 1 and 2, then 1 and 2 again, skips song 3 and then plays song no. 4 and then starts again. Please fix this! It works perfectly when I create a playlist of the album but I think that should not be a long time solution.

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@Merowinger that's really weird,


here are some useful troubleshooting steps that resolve most playback issues:

  • uninstall the app, restart your device(s) and then re-install.
  • next, you can sign out of all devices here.
  • clear the cache for the app.
  • i would suggest a fresh re-install of flash which you can do here.
  • try listening on a different device to see if the same problem occurs.

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