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can't open spotify on my laptop

can't open spotify on my laptop

hey ! 


i try to open my spotify on my laptop, but it dont want to open.

it says that i have to reinstal the program.

so i did it 10 times and it still dont work..


i try to delete and it is not posible

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Hey @maarten936!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


That's strange. Let's see what we can do. 😉

I have a couple questions:


  1. When did this start? Did this happen spontaneously, or after an update or something else?
  2. Can you tell me what system you are using? (For example Windows 10)
  3. Can you tell me where and how you tried deleting Spotify?





ow sorry..

to come back onn question 3 ; i try to delete it in control panel -> programs->spotify-> delite program..

and the same notification appeard

I have the exact same error since today. Afte fixing the "processthreads" dll error by manually coyping it into the Spotify folder im getting the next error: "Cannot find 'api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0.dll. Please re-install this application".

Tried reinstalling, which didnt help.


I just tried an old installation file which i had on the computer. With this old version spotify works fine. Seems like the update file is corrupt?!

ooh, ik ben niet de enige.. hmm

I really hope they can fix it

So the problem is with the new update of spotify itself?

I have just reinstalled the old version of spotify.

and it works perfectly!

so I can listen back to music.

I hope that Spotify solves this problem for us.


thank you for all the help and reaction

Exactly the same problem here. I downloaded a new setup.exe from Spotify-Homepage, but there was no success. So I can neither delete it, nor reinstall it!

oh my god thanks, i´m not alone! I have this problem, too. I think since today, because yesterday it had actually worked on my laptop. do you all think it is the new update? or that Windows 7 is not compatible with the new version anymore? This would be suck, because I use spotify most on my laptop. I tried to contact spotify personally but i don´t know where to not find it anymore. Could someone else contact spotify and ask, plaese? Or is this not possible?

so far I have not received a solution or answer from spottify.

what I regret.....

i can use spotify back.

by reinstalling an older version.

Hey all,


seeing as so many of you suddenly have this problem I have escalated the issue. Hang on, and I will keep you posted!


Please use the web player or the mobile app for now. 🙂



The team at Spotify is looking into he issue! Any updates on the matter will be posted here:

Join the club maarten.  Spotify, in their infinite wisdom, broke Spotify on Windows 7 systems with their latest update some days ago, and has yet to either roll back the broken update, or to provide a proper workaround.

!!!!!!   NOT HAPPYY   !!!!!


are there already solutions? because it still does not work for me. and yet I must continue to pay the acount without being substituted for anything. I pay for a product that does not work. on my laptop where I choose to use it. not on the web player or on my mobile phone. I want to use it on my laptop for which I pay !!! I would like to contact someone from spotify themselves (which is not possible of course) to get compensation for this like a solution and quickly please !!

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