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dell laptop can play spotify website but not downloaded program

dell laptop can play spotify website but not downloaded program

I had messed around with my audio settings a bit to try to allow my computer to register my earbuds (with microphone capabilites) to have me be able to hear computer-generated sounds while also being able to imput my voice during a screen-record. I believe this may have contributed to my issue.


My problem is that, I can play any audio on a website but not downloaded programs, including Spotify. I can listen to my Spotify music on the website player but not the program. This has never been a problem for me before. When I go to play a song on Spotify, it tells me it cannot play that song. I figured it was exclusive to the song i was trying to listen to, but as soon as i transferred the music i was listening to on my phone to the computer, the song and song bar flashed on the screen, then displayed as if no song was selected to be played. This also paused the music on my phone. I can successfully listen to the music on the website, but I like to do things simultaneously, and keeping pages open lags the performance of my computer.

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Hey @magellan90


I'm not exactly sure what steps you took to get your earphones work the way you want to. Which verion of Windows do you have, and if you remember, describe what you tried to do. 🙂


I also understand that none of your downloaded programs are able to emit any sound?

This error usually means something's wrong with the soundcard settings for Spotify. I would try setting the soundcard (Realtek or whatever you use, I use Focusrite for example) as a default device.
1. Right-click on the Speaker icon on Taskbar, click on Playback Devices.

2. In the opened window select the device (soundcard) you use for playback and set it to be default. Hit OK. You probably have to restart Spotify.


Keep me posted!

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Hey! I faced a very similar problem that you described. What I did was:
- Right-click on the speaker icon in your toolbox
- Click "Open Sound Settings"
- Scroll to the bottom of the tab opened and click "Advanced sound options"
- Check the volume for the application (Spotify in your case) and unmute it if it is muted.
This solved the problem for me.
Best luck.

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