greyed out local files

greyed out local files


I added local files to my songs section of "your music". At some point I deleted the files from my computer intentionally. Now those songs are greyed out in the songs section. I also want to remove them from the songs list. Which is not possible. 

Now I have a bunch of songs in my songs section which are displayed but can't be played nor deleted. Even the checkbox won't work!


How can I fix this?

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Hey @Felicias9! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


There is this file called "local-files.bnk", it's located at "C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Users\{Spotify username}-user".

Deleting it or renaming it to "local-files.bnk.backup" and restarting Spotify should do the trick!


Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you 🙂


Hi @julian_L!


I tried what you suggested several times. Unfortunately it does not work. The problem exists on both of my devices: desktop PC and android mobile. 


Is there a chance to delete the entire "SONGS" list? 


Thanks in advance, 




edit: I now transfered ALL songs which are not local files to a playlist and deleted them on the songs list. Now there are only greyed out and unaccessible songs left. Even now the trick with the "local-files.bnk"-file does not work. 

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