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issue using 5.1 configuration in windows. Needs to be fixed!

issue using 5.1 configuration in windows. Needs to be fixed!


Using the desktop program, 

if I go to my sound settings and set the configuration in my playback devices to 5.1 surround, spotify will simply not play.

it will skip song after song and then stop. 

However if i set my speakers to stereo and restart it; it'll play with no issues.

This is an issue that needs to be fixed.

I'm not interested in having my music upmix and played in surround. Most programs would simply just send the audio signal to your left and right channels and no problem.


My only solutions are when I want to listen to music, I have to change my configuration to stereo and restart spotify. Then when I want to fully enjoy games or movies, I have to go back and switch to 5.1. 

this means I can't enjoy the best of both worlds to listen to music in stereo and play a game in 5.1 if i even wanted to.

The issue lies with the desktop program since I can use the web player with no issues in any browser while having my speaker configuration set to 5.1 and not deal with the bug but this isn't a permanent solution but solely a work around.

Fix your program

I've spoken to spotify support and they had no solution or cause for the problem till I found it. Their suggestion on the fix is what i found. Either switch constantly depending on the content or use the web player.

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More proof that the bug exists in spotify:

If i change the configuration of the speakers in windows to 7.1

spotify will work fine playing out of the left and right channel.

So it'll work if configuration is in stereo and 7.1 in windows. When set to 7.1, then it'll just play in stereo format.

However WILL NOT work if you set the speakers to 5.1 or Quadrophonic and go through the endless skip bug.

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