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Unintentional scrolling after back button

Unintentional scrolling after back button


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Hi there - new poster here! So I had this weird problem where Spotify desktop automatically scrolls down/loads an artist's page after pressing the back button. I've attached a GIF in the hopes that someone else can reproduce it. If y'all need any more information (of if this isn't the right place for this) let me know!


Steps to reproduce:

1) Go to an artist's home page (with a bio that has the "Read More" button preferably).

2) Click on About.

3) Scroll down (open "Read More" and scroll to bottom).

4) Click the back button.

5) Automatic/unintentional scrolling!


Note that this only happens when I press the back button, not if I just click on Overview again.

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Hi @Noviv


I cannot reproduce this issue. Maybe try a clean reinstall of Spotify, and if that doesn't work, post this on the issues section of the community

Thanks for responding! Unfortunately I did a clean reinstall (deleted everything) this time and when I posted, and it keeps happening. Also, I'm not sure I'm allowed to post on the issues section as per this post I used to help me report this.

Oh, ok.
I'll get a community moderator to add it as a issue.

Let me know if you need anymore help!

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