mouse button 3,4,5 issues

mouse button 3,4,5 issues

There is some bad code associated with mouse buttons 3,4,5 in the Spotify PC desktop client. It doesn't necessarily break anything as far as I can tell. However, it reflects the low quality and neglect of the Spotify desktop experience. These are basic issues that should be caught and fixed by the developers themselves.


In the scenarios below please avoid clicking on play icon in the middle of playlist/album covers.


Mouse button 3 (the scroll wheel click)

This button is opening albums and playlist if you use this button on these items. In a playlist this button will select the track you're hovering, multiple tracks can be selected if you keep clicking.


Mouse button 4/5 (the forward/back buttons)

When you start on the Home page you can use the back button to select/dim all the playlists shown there. Click on a playlist and you can now use the forward button to select tracks. You can also use the back button to select tracks, but since it also takes you back to the Home page you need to use the forward button to get back. You can keep using backward and forward button to select multiple tracks since the selection isn't cleared when navigating to a new page. These issues affects all pages basically, I just tried to describe some basic examples.


It's pretty sad that people need to resort to using 3rd party software like Autohotkey for your software to function properly. 








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