music jumping only for 1 album using spotify desktop (Windows 7)

music jumping only for 1 album using spotify desktop (Windows 7)

Hello, I've been having an issue when playing songs from 1 album ONLY while using Spotify desktop for windows 7, the album is Connection by The Green Children, I found this very odd, as this doesn't happen while I listen to that same album trough Spotify web player or trough my cell phone.


I've already tried deleting the cache, disabling hardware acceleration but no luck here! does anyone have any idea of what could this be? , or how can I get this fix? 

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I don't really understand what problem you're having, is the music skipping and is not consistent in this specific album or what exactly is happening when you play it?

ok, so I have the Spotify app installed on my computer (Windows7) if I listen any of the songs of the album: "Connection by The Green Children" the songs jump, like a scratch CD, that ONLY happen when I listen to that specific album from that specific band.


Now, If I play the same album using Spotify web player or if I play the songs from that specific album using the app on my cellphone, everything is fine, the music plays without any problems.


I found that really odd since the issue is only with that specific album and that specific artist.


Ok, I see now.

Try the desktop troubleshooting from this site: 

Other than that, i'd check if I had the high quality streaming enabled in the settings and or hardware acceleration.

Hope you figure it out 🙂

Thank you!, I tried but still doesn't work 😞

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