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music not playing


music not playing

i clicked on my songs on spotify my music is there but its not playing for some reason my sound is on and its not even showing an error message


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I found the fix...........Update your sound driver Craig!!!

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Is the progress bar moving?

If so check the system sound level - click on the little speaker icon in the system tray and open the sound level thing (sorry can't remember it's full name) then make sure the sound level for Spotify it turned up.
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I have the same problem. Progress bar is not moving. Please help.



I have the same issue, i click on start button but progress bar don't move .. It works on my phone, my work's PC and my girlfriend's PC but not on my PC ..


If you have a solution, i'll take it ! Thanks 🙂

I have the same problem with some of my local files. Some albums will play but other complete albums won't do anything.

Found this topic, which solved my problem:


Basically my local files were mp4 from iTunes, so I had to (re)install quicktime to get them to work for Spotify.

I´ve downloaded QuickTimes but still not working. It can´t play online and local music.

I finally got mine to work by closing another app that also played audio.  As soon as I exited the other program and re-started Spotify it worked immediately.  

Try logging out of the app and then logging back in. it worked for me. 

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I found the fix...........Update your sound driver Craig!!!

No sound or progress bar when paying 60's 70's genre radio on the desktop.  other stations and tracks liked from radio are fine.  everything on my android phone works without any problem.

The answer can be sooo simple yet so hard sometimes.. tnx for the help 😄

I had this problem too, unplug your usb headset/speaker ect. If this works plug it back in then click its thingy in toolbar and click enable this device. turn off system speakers and retry. 😄 Glad to help, if that doesn't work just use computer speakers not usb.

HUGE Thank you my friend! This worked perfectly!!!

I cannot find mushroomhead's "the righteous and the butterfly" album and it is mentioned in the artist description. I dont know if they went like tool and didn't want their album on spotify but I would like to see that album.

I have the same issue on my computer. It's a school computer so there are restrictions but it's doing this to almost every song I try to listen to. When I click on the song it says "can't play current song". I tried downloading Quicktime but it's not supported by apple. PLEASE HELP.

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Hey so I had a similar issue, my music wouldn't play through my laptop, but it would work on my iPad and Andriod cell. 

If the sound is not playing and the bar at the bottom does not move when you try pressing play this could be your fix (2018 web browser version). 

Click on the play button, no sound? On the far right at the bottom of the screen you will see 3 icons (3 horizontal lines that look like a menu tab, 2 devices and the volume control). Click on the 2 devices button and here you should see a list of your devices that are currently linked to your account. Change this option to "listening on this web browser" that should fix it. Of course you can pick whichever other device you want accordingly. 
No dramas 😉 



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