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afternoon all,  Im on the  primium .  Ive got my songs  play list duplicated on an i pad and phone but want to duplicate on my lap top.  New lap topn. so Ive down loaded the app  used my passord by my list does not show uop , only a fresh page  to start again 


 assistance pleaese.  Im assumig I have two accounts / one log in, one for the invoice and one for myself and he fmail, who are all co sharing off me use their own  email address?  anyway Im stuck



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Hello pjbaird-6 and welcome to the Spotify Community!

I am afraid you can't use two accounts and have premium on both unless you are willingly paying for it. You must use one e-mail for Spotify, try using the e-mail that you are using as invoice.


Let us know if you still have the same issue!

Have a nice day ;D

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