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"Clean Reinstall" did not fix how insanely slow the desktop app is.

"Clean Reinstall" did not fix how insanely slow the desktop app is.







ASUS ROG Flow X16 - 2022

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Windows 11


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I have recently been having problems with Spotify for desktop on my laptop. I will click on one of my playlists to view it, and it will take anywhere from 5 to 60+ seconds to load. Once I start playing music, if I try to pause it, it will often take a minute or two to actually pause the music. There is frequently a 1-5 minute buffer when one song ends and another one starts. Don't even get me started on how long it takes to search for something. It also takes forever when I want to switch my device from my laptop to my phone or vice versa.

I have tried the "Clean Reinstall" method multiple times by deleting it and deleting the leftover folders as well as additionally deleting my computer's temporary files in various locations. I have also tried installing from the website and from the Microsoft store, and no luck with either.
I do not have this problem on my PC at home, and I am currently on my school's internet and won't be home for a while so I am unsure if it could be a connection issue or if it is some problem with my system. If it were to be a connection issue, how would I determine that and what would I do about it?

If it's not a connection issue, what else should I try?

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Hi @noxxiouss,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


First of all, thanks for your detailed explanation and for letting us know all the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. To rule out if this is a connection issue, you could try creating a hotspot network from your mobile device and use it to check. You can also check if you have the same problem from the Web Player


On another note, could you try logging in with a different account from the app and check if that makes a difference? If you don't have another account, you could ask a friend to try it out for a while with their account.


Lastly, if you have Local Files, try disabling them from the app Settings and check if that helps.


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