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Bluetooth speakers and spotify

Bluetooth speakers and spotify

Hi all,


I wanted to just let you know about an error/bug when streaming Spotify to Bluetooth speakers from my laptop. 


Basically, when spotify is running and I then connect my bluetooth speakers Music wont play at all. The "play" button will indicate music is playing but nothing is playing, and the track stays at 0:00. 


To fix this I need to restart Spotify and it will then work without any problems and play through the speakers. 


This doesn't happen with any other programs, such as iTunes or VLC player, so my guess is that it is to do with Spotify. 


Also, this only happens from the Desktop version, the Webplayer works fine too. 


Please fix this, as it is rather annoying. 




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This is sadly a known issue which has been open for a long time caused by Spotify on the desktop not being able to handle with sound card changes whilst it is running. Once you select bluetooth as your output device, Spotify requires a restart to detect that change. 



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I have problem with my Windows lap top. Spotify works perfectly when analog audio output of my PC is used, but when I try to use Bluetooth interface (Music Receiver) between the computer and my audio system, I get an error: "There is a problem with your soud card. Spotify can't play music".


There is no problem with my Bluetooth Receiver, because Windows Mediaplayer works thru it, but Spotify does not.


Does anybody know what to do ?





same issue with no bluetooth connection on mac. have restarted the app and still no joy....please sort this out as I,m all bluetooth!

This is still a issue in OS X 10.10.2 (14C109) and Spotify Version 



Same thing- Mac OS X 10.1, Spotify 9.15.27


Mac connected to bluetooth receiver, music plays fine through iTunes, **nothing** comes out of spotify!

Hav the same problem and it´s unbelievable annoying. AND after i wake my mac up from sleep mode and press play i just hear strange weird noises ! wtf...

I have a Macbook Air (OS X Yosemite 10.10.2), and this is an issue for me, too.


When I connect my bluetooth speaker to my comupter, and choose a song on Spotify, it will begin "playing" (the time on the song progressing and all that), but there is no sound. Even if I dosconnect my bluetooth, it won't produce sound from my computer's speakers.


However, once I restart Spotify (which takes quite some time to load ever since the recent Spotify update), there is sound, either from my bluetooth speakers, if they are connected, or my computer's speakers.




So this has been an issue for about a year and a half, but does Spotify have any plans to fix it? Or should we consider it as a fact of life. 


This bug is super annoying if you need help Spotify just give me source access and I'll fix it up...

Srsly?? Sry im not native english speaker so plz explain ur plan again in easy words so that i dont misunderstand u


This is still an issue for me as well with my Jabra bluetooth headphones. When I turn off the headphones (disconnect bluetooth) Spotify will keep playing however no sounds will come out of the speakers. It's definitly a bug that should be fixed because I am now rarely use my laptop to listen to music and instead use my android phone which works perfectly. 


I am surprised that none of Spotify support has looked at this issue, not even a comment that they had filed a bug!! Very disappointed!  

Same here. Just using my smartphone from now on. Thats super g**

So I am trying to run spotify (vers. ?) through my Bose Cinemate 120 soundsystem via my iMac which is running 10.10.2. it will play the music for no more than 3 or 4 seconds then stop amoutn of restarting, reconnecting or anything else fixes it - youtube works fine, itunes works fine everything but spotify which is frustrating...this has to be an easy fix no?

This is really annoying and I have to restart Spotify a lot because of this.

Please fix this! I consider switching back to iTunes because of this.

Same here. I must restart Spotify several times every day! 

ditto here bunch of ass, web player works fine but the app won't connect to my bose via innexxis b7 Robot Frustrated

Same problem here.

Is there an ETA? Or is it on the roadmap? This is really ruining the experience with my bluetooth headphones.

Just bought a Bose speaker and this bug is really annoying!!! Can one of the Spotify developers or PMs please put it in their roadmap? Pretty please

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