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"Something went wrong" message appearing in desktop app

"Something went wrong" message appearing in desktop app

All of a sudden, I am receiving "something went wrong" messages in the 'Home' section of the Windows desktop app.


I have logged out and in again, uninstalled and reinstall the app, flushed the DNS cache, but the issue still persists.


Is this a known issue? I have never experienced this previously in all my years of using Spotify. I have also not made made any changes to my system.


If not a known issue, I would like to do a clean install of the app. Please note I am using the app downloaded from Spotify and not the Microsoft Store version. I have therefore been using Control Panel to uninstall the app, but I also want to remove all traces of it in case something in the leftover folders has become corrupted. Please advise what folders need deleted.



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I'm having the same thing. Completely uninstalled Spotify and any folders I could find related to it (ie those in AppData); still getting errors. If I search for an artist, half the songs won't play -- when I find one that does, the playlist is half broken (songs in the playlist show up with the info completely blank and error out when it gets to them). Works fine in browser, just seems to be the app.

I experienced this issue using the web player in my browser not long after my original post, so I don't think this is app related.


Mobile app is fine on iOS.



Hi folks,

Thanks for your posts. 


Can you let us know the following info:

  • Your device + OS version
  • Current Spotify version
  • Does the error come up straight away or when you open up a playlist/album?

Looking forward to your replies.

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On a linux mint, I have an old version (18.3) maybe when I update this things will change, but currently  open spotify and start to play then do other things, can not get back to close, error message of 'something went wrong'

Windows 10 Pro 22H2 


Below's an example of what an artist playlist looks like (when you've finally found a song that will play..)



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