"The Spotify application is not responding" pop up

"The Spotify application is not responding" pop up


Hi there,


For a few weeks now I keep getting a "The Spotify Application is not responding"

pop up as soon as Spotify launching when I turn on my computer. I don't know why because, as soon as I tab into Spotify, it's not frozen and completely accessible. I tried reinstalling on 2 different occasions at this point and have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Here's a picture showing that I have two tabs of Spotify, one being the pop up and the other being the application: 

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Hey @cuntrytrash, welcome to the Community!


What device, operating system, and Spotify version are you running? When you reinstalled, did you follow the steps listed here?


Does running Spotify as an administrator make a difference?


Give it a try and keep us posted.


Hi there, thanks for the reply.


I have the latest version of Spotify via the Microsoft Store (using Windows 10) and I have also tried running it on Administrator, as per your suggestion, and I still keep getting this pop up.


Also having this issue. Can not use program on the computer. Any updates? Are you providing a fix?

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