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"This song is not available"

"This song is not available"

I am a Spotify Premium subscriber. I have this problem whenever I play a song it says "Song is not available". So I did some research online and found many simular articles but no solution. It happens to all songs except for the ones added to my playlists. This has been happening for maybe a week. The other articles with the simular problem said the reason for it was the owner of the song had removed it or something. However this can't be true, not this many songs. I can search for any tracks, the most famous ones, as long as they're not added to any of my playlists and then they wont work. This must be some kind of bug from spotify I have paid for this but now no songs work. Even songs from Spotify's "Global Top 50" aren't working (all songs that arent added to my playlists). I should also mention that these are songs that I have listened to before and worked perfectly well, now however none of them are working.


Thank you for reading I will be waiting for your reply.

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I've been having the same issue, and I know many of my friends also have been experiencing this as well. This has occured for almost a month now and I will likely end my Spotify premium subscription if it remains this way.

No further replies or answers/solutions to this problem??

Not to my knowledge. I sent an inquiry and they are looking into it.

Just an fyi, I think the problem lies within the program itself. Try using the web player, it does not give me the same error message.

Fixed itself, magically..

This is a SW or network hickup problem. 


I could have two devices, the same song could be played on one device but the message mentioned would appear in the other.

Funny - it worked for a few days and so I renewedmy premium subscription. And now that I've paid for my subscription, I'm starting to notice that the issue is acting up again on many of the songs/albums.

Im having the exact same problem. It may have started after the last update on my Samsung S6 but unless I can find a solution Spotify is pretty much useless. Funny enough I've actually been using my iPod again. Kind a nice trip down memory lane.



I'm having the same message. I tried to uninstall and delete profile information in Windows, but same issue.

However, its working with Android. Seems a terrible bug of the Windows player.

Any support on this??? I can't understand Spotify doesn't offer any support page for these kind of issues, specially for Premium users.

Problem solved.

I signed up for a free 90 trial of Apple Music.

Hopefully I can remedy the issue with Spotify, in the meantime I'm back in business.

I figured out the issue. I had my phone set on the power saving mode. Before the latest update Spotify worked fine on this setting. Something must have changed with the update. I disabled the power saving feature and haven't had an issue since.

Happened to me when disconnected from the network / Internet. Sometimes when my computer wakes up it takes a minute to connect. If I open Spotify in this time it cannot access the track.

Fix was to ensure my PC had Internet connectivity and once it did, to close and re-open desktop Spotify.

Same problem happened to me, web player and mobile app work fine for some reason...

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