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remove recently played list from spotify desktop application

remove recently played list from spotify desktop application

i dont see any option for removing recently played songs from spotify desktop application. there are no three little dots and when i right click, the menu does not have remove from recently played option anywhere.

please help.
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See attached... remove from liked songs only removes the song from my saved play list. not from recently played.

mouse hover - no three dots.png
right click menu.png

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Could you check this thread for relevant information?


At this point it is not possible to remove items from the Recently played section, but we hope to implement this option soon, as we are constantly striving to improve the user experience in our app.


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Well thats just sad... its a very little thing to implement but its not there yet.

Pathetic response. It's a feature that a novice software developer could implement in an hour. Saying "we are constantly working on improving the experience!" is just flat out embarrassing. It's a feature that Spotify used to have why would it even be removed in the first place. We know you are all to arrogant to fix it so at least give us an answer on why it was removed because that decision is utterly baffling

it's been 5 months and you guys haven't resolved this issue yet!

Any updates on this would be great. I was searching around it looked like this used to be an option, what happened? I'd rather not have songs I clicked only to find out they weren't what I thought they were influencing my suggestions. Spotify can still keep it in their metrics if that's what they're worried about, I just don't want to see some things on my list or feel like they're influencing my experience.

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